(CTS) Global Design and Critical Sustainability – What role does design have to play in making sustainability a global priority?


What role does design have to play in making sustainability a global priority?

Although it’s easy to narrow this question down to the role of Graphic Design or Visual Communication, design is actually at the heart of everything we consume: products, packaging, information and entertainment. Many of our consumption behaviours as a species are unsustainable and therefore design has a huge role to play in changing our behaviours and attitudes towards sustainability.

Communicating the issue

In order to make sustainability a global priority, designers and communicators need to find innovative and lasting ways to communicate why sustainability is such an important issue to as wide an audience as possible.

Changing our own attitudes

Designers need to lead by example. In the materials they use, their processes and their ideas need to have sustainability at the heart of them. Many products, services, entertainment etc is designed for short-term consumption; to be used, consumed and thrown away. Through design we need to encourage sustainability, re-use, recycling; everything needs to be designed to be sustainable and long-lasting.

Investing in the future

Design thinking needs to be utilised more and more to find bigger and better solutions to the problems of sustainability that are facing humanity.

Whether involved in product design, architecture, visual communication or spatial design, designers have a fundamental role to play in making sustainability a global priority and a tangible reality.




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